Margays are some of the most amazing agile climbers and leapers we have maybe ever seen. They way they can bounce around in mid leap is just mind boggling.

Jumping 8 feet straight in to the and a dozen feet when they jumping at you horizontally.

Here are a just a couple more facts about them.

They can climb down a branch headfirst, and they can hang by their hind feet while manipulating an object with their front feet. #Margays have several anatomical adaptations that allow them to perform these aerial acrobatics. Their hind feet can rotate inward through 180 degrees, allowing them to grip a branch equally well with the hindlimbs or forelimbs. Instead of the narrow, rather firm feet of domestic cats, margays have broad, soft feet with very mobile toes.

These wide feet provide a good platform for precision balancing and jumping as well as an effective gripping surface for climbing and hanging onto branches. The cat’s long tail is an important adaptation for arboreality, helping it to balance.