You wouldnt necessarily think so, but initially it was like we were speaking different languages because Im Canadian and shes American Mr. McCann said. “We didn’t understand each other’s slang. I’d say something and Kait would look at me blankly. ”

Even their personalities were at odds. Mr. McCann is an extrovert. Ms. Brinkerhoff stated there are days when she’s happiest talking to no one.

Discussions about mountain climbing and riding, though, reliably bring out her chatty side. Mr. McCann was good at those. When he returned to Canada, their FB video calls took on a thickness neither expected. We would text all day, then speak for three hours at night, she said. “ Even though we were 1,100 miles apart, we had this connection where we never got tired of each other. ”

That July, Mr. McCann flew back to Utah, this time because he was in love. By the end of his five-day trip, he had asked her to be his girlfriend and turned into a yes. The remainder of that year, they switched off each month. He would fly to Utah or she to Canada.

Mr. McCann was born in Cranbrook and grew up there with his parents, Kevin and Cheryl, and an older brother, Cody. He introduced Ms. Brinkerhoff to his parents on her first trip north that collapse. Mr. McCann’s introduction to the Brinkerhoffs, Darren and Cindi, and Ms. Brinkerhoff’s older sister, Jeanette, and younger brothers, Justin and Karson, came a few months later. Although she grew up in St. George and the family remains nearby, I dont tell them about my relationships unless it seems real, she said.

Until the pandemic, when the challenges of maintaining an international relationship escalated, there was nevertheless a too-good-to-be-true quality to her visits with Mr. McCann.