The transition to, and acceptance of, remote work has enabled employers to cast a wider net when they hunt for gift — and so should you, in looking for jobs.

Many companies are open to hiring remote workers, but often in the same time zone, Ms. Weitzman said. “That means if you live on the East Coast, you’ll have numerous options in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Connecticut. ” Sure, this means you’re competing with a larger pool of candidates, but it also provides you more chances to find the ideal fit.

This may also be a good time to make a career transition. You might want to be more flexible and consider shifting fields, Mr. Wahlquist said. “Take those abilities which you’ve developed and try to find something which is even better, or more sustainable long term. ”

Meanwhile, think about taking a relevant training course, particularly if you’ve been unemployed. If youre not working, I would 100-percent recommend signing up for some training, because it shows initiative and a vested interest in upgrading and expanding your skill set, Ms. Weitzman said.

If you’ve been out of a job for a while, either for lack of opportunities or because you were busy shepherding kids through Zoom school, that’s OK. Everybody knows what happened last year, Mr. Wahlquist said. “Most people have a enormous free pass for a gap in their work history during the pandemic. ”

Still, you should be prepared to explain — succinctly — what occurred and what you’ve been doing since. Even if your previous job loss wasnt entirely due to Covid, most companies want to begin a relationship with transparency,” he said.

And, potential employers will want to check up on your references. Expect that they’ll want to speak with your former supervisors for the last five years, or past few jobs. Take this time to go back to those people and be direct, Mr. Wahlquist. “You can ask, ‘ Can you be prepared to give a reference, and able to give me a great reference? ’” A question that your former manager may be asked is if they would rehire you. “And if the answer is no, then why? ”