Opponents of this bill, however, argued that the rule was a necessary protection that enabled police officers to do their jobs effectively. Ending qualified immunity is reckless and might discourage people from going into law enforcement, they said.

Ending qualified immunity will stop the very best young women and men in our town by joining the police force, Councilman Robert F. Holden said as he voted no.

The Police Benevolent Association also opposed the bill and has said it would chill the operations of law enforcement and eliminate longstanding safeguards protecting police officers who are acting in good faith.

New Yorkers is getting shot, and police officers are on the roads night and day, trying to stop the bloodshed, the unions president, Patrick J. Lynch, said in a statement.

Mr. de Blasio said he had concerns about earlier versions of the legislation but now believed that the City Council version was “aligned” with national legislation, called the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which also limits qualified immunity as a defense against

I believe its a very powerful reform package, the mayor said.

Some experts on policing questioned, however, whether the measure would be effective at controlling police misbehavior. Taxpayers pay millions of dollars each year to repay police misconduct lawsuits, but allegations of abuse have not slowed. The town paid out about $220 million to settle lawsuits against law enforcement in 2019, the comptroller’s office said.

People today want to find a system where its not easy to violate peoples civil rights, such as removing police from certain scenarios, said Susan Kang, a political scientist at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.