Although you’re a child of deaf adults, you’re also a hearing individual. Is there a case to be made that Joe should have been played by someone who is deaf or hard of hearing?

This ’s an argument that some would make from the deaf community, yes. However, I would argue back, because I’m a CODA and you can’t take me from this culture I was brought up in. I would never take a deaf role from a deaf actor who is culturally deaf, but Joe is a guy who was late-deafened.

I’m sensitive to it, and I vetted it until we went forward. I asked Darius at the beginning, “I don’t feel comfortable having this man be deaf. Can’t you make the man a CODA? ” He said, “That’s interesting. Let me get back to you. He had three deaf advisers on the set, and all three told Darius, No, its more persuasive to have him be deafened, to have that parallel line between Ruben and Joe, which you feel so strongly.

The beautiful thing about it is Im hooked to [Sound of Metal distributor] Amazon right now and theyre coming to me and asking for articles. I have other things I’ve written, I have other deaf authors I know of, and because of this connection, I think some doors are going to be kicked down, because people are interested in what I have to say right now.

Have you figured out what your next project will be?

Listen, I have “Team Paul” now. I’ve got a management team, I’ve got an entertainment attorney, and Team Paul is currently advising me that I have to be very careful with another role I take. I’ve been offered — fair to God — about eight, nine, 10 things. And I’ve never been offered anything ever ! I cant wait to get started working again but Im going to have to be a bit selective and theres nothing wrong with that.