GoodRx is a site and mobile app that compares medication prices to help Americans get the best bargain on medication —but his month they launched a philanthropic initiative that provides drugs for free to low-income patients who need more than a deal.

– National Cancer Institute

In its first stage, GoodRx Help has partnered with the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) to fully subsidize the cost of nearly 1,000 medications at 23 clinics in 16 states, including California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

To finance the initiative, after the company ’s initial public offering, GoodRx has contributed over 1 million shares, valued at over $40 million (as of December 18).

The charity characterized its promise in a press release, calling it a multi-year commitment, which is expected to provide over $5 million worth of drugs in 2021, its first year.

We know that there are times when reductions aret enough, said GoodRx co-founder Doug Hirsch. “With GoodRx Helps, we hope to assist more patients who believe they’ve run out of choices, particularly in underserved communities that disproportionately face greater challenges when seeking affordable care. ”

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GoodRx, that was launched in 2011, estimates that increased unemployment resulted in 56 million fewer prescriptions filled during the first six months of this pandemic.

How it works

Medical providers only enroll patients into the program, and GoodRx then sends the medication for free to the clinic for the individual ’s use. The clinics selected for the program primarily serve communities with low income patients.

Drug affordability is one of the top issues facing patients at Free and Charitable Clinics and Pharmacies throughout the country, said Nicole Lamoureux, NAFC President and CEO. “ We’re thrilled that GoodRx recognizes this need and has chosen to associate with the NAFC with this important program to help patients receive medicines they need at no cost. ”

GoodRx partnered with the NAFC because of the institution ’s extensive knowledge and expertise in working with nonprofit clinics and underserved patients.

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A participating clinic in Katy, Texas is already praising the program.

“The additional financial aid GoodRx Helps has brought to many of our patients’ lives is incomparable,” said Janeth Arteaga Castilleja, Medication Coordinator at Christ Clinic. “This program allows our patients to have one less thing to be worried about when it comes to their health care. GoodRx Helps has been a blessing in the middle of chaos. ”

The charity says it expects to add more locations soon. See the listing of clinics involved, so far.

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