Circular economy : Ikea has pledged to buy back customers ’ old furniture

Delayed Due to the pandemic, Ikea’s ‘ purchase back’ scheme is set to launch in the UK at the end of lockdown

Delayed Due to the pandemic, Ikea’s ‘ buy back’ plot is set to start in the United Kingdom at the end of lockdown

The world’s largest furniture manufacturer will soon buy used goods from customers as part of a drive to become more sustainable.  

Ikea’s ‘ purchase back’ plot was originally due to launch in the UK in November, but was delayed due to the pandemic. The company has said it will reboot the initiative when retail reopens at the end of their existing UK lockdown.  

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The ‘ purchase back’ scheme offers customers up to 50 per cent of the original value of their unwanted items in the kind of Ikea vouchers. Ikea will resell the items that are used. The brand already does this in Stockholm, where it opened its first secondhand furniture store in 2020.

“The climate crisis requires us to radically rethink our consumption habits,” stated Pia Heidenmark Cook at Ingka Group, Ikea’s holding company.

Main picture : Ikea